Raise money, receive donations, and increase awareness.

Organization Pre-Registration



Raise money, receive donations, and increase awareness.

Organization Pre-Registration

What is WaBee?


Local businesses

Use the app to find local businesses offering Cashback in your area. You can search for any kind of business in any city.


Snap a picture of your receipt

Make a purchase with any participating WaBee business. Simply use the app to Snap a picture of your receipt.


Real Cashback! No gimmicks 

Once your receipt is verified and approved you will receive real Cashback! No stars, butterflies, or silly points! 

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Trusted platforms

We NEVER ask for your personal information. You can withdrawal all your Cashback using PayPal. Just enter your PayPal email and receive a payment within seconds. 

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Are you part of an organization looking to raise funds and would like to receive donations? 


WaBee's Cashback For Causes can help any organization raise funds, receive donations, and increase awareness. Your organization can create a FREE account and will have multiple ways to raise money. Organizations keep 100% of the money raised through our app. Thats right WaBee does not keep any percentage of money raised. 

How can your organization benefit?


Nationwide awareness

Your organization will be listed on our app as a "Cause". Any member anywhere in the country can find your organization. Users can search for causes by category, city, state, or by name. 


Donations in just 3 clicks

Your organization can upload pictures and write a description about what makes your cause special. Any user can donate a portion or all of their Cashback directly to your cause in just 3 clicks! 


Build a following

Ask members to Join the Cause! When a member joins the cause they select 25%, 50%, or all of their Cashback on future purchases to be automatically donated to your cause. Imagine receiving thousands of dollars every single month on autopilot. 


Want to raise more money? 

Share your invite code to supporters or volunteers in your organization. For every purchase they make WaBee will donate 20% of revenue from that purchase directly to your cause. WaBee will also donate $50 for every 100 members your organizations signs up in a month. 


Know any business owners? You can refer a business to join WaBee. Your cause will receive $100 for every business referral that joins the program. Invite 20 stores and if they sign up WaBee will donate $2,000 to your cause. 


We fundraise with WaBee. You should too! 

And many more...

Sign up for FREE and start fundraising the new way with WaBee.